Tracking service for Realm of the Mad God

Tired of missing out on game content because you're not quick enough or don't want to join discord? Need to know where a certain player is or get notified when they enter a new location? Get notified of discord raids, events spawning or player locations before anyone else, today

Discord Raids

Get an updating list of locations for discord raids across all known raid servers. Desktop notifications are available so you never miss out on a raid again.

Player tracking

Every player action is logged. Find out when a player was last spotted and where. Our player tracker covers nexuses, bazaars and realms. Create a track list so you get notifications when a player is seen.

Event notifications

Looking for keypers, aliens or any other event? Get a constantly updating list of what events are spotted in which realms, or just track your home server.

Unprivate player profiles

Other websites let players hide sections of their profiles for privacy reasons. We log everything and have no privacy options.

Coming Soon

½ the price, 2 times better

Experience the power of 3 services combined into one, with no download or discord account required to use

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